Silver Dragon Ring with Gemstones

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Inspired by the French legend of Saint Romans, the Bishop of of Rouen, saving the area from a monster called Gargouille. After leading the monster back to Rouen, an attempt was made to burn the dragon, but its head and neck would not burn due to being tempered by it´s own fire breath. Later the head was placed on the walls of the town´s cathedral to frighten evil spirits. Our version of the dragon is much more tame and breathes an opal instead of fire!

  • Measures approximately one inch in height.
  • The ring shoulder measures .40" in height, and the shank measures approximately .10". 
  • Weight - 15 grams (quite substantial!)
  • Composed of sterling silver with amethyst eyes and a ball shaped garnet gemstone in the mouth.
  • SIZE 6 USA