Sacred Serpent Cross Necklace

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Created as a tribute to honor the historical artform of mourning jewelry; the Latin words Memento Mori translate to "we all must die”. A frequently misinterpreted tradition that is often considered to be a dark reminder of our immortal nature, while it is in fact more intended to commemorate and celebrate a life. These sentimental keepsakes help us remember that in the balance of all things, there is always light (life), just as there is dark (death). The beauty of this balance is reflected in each piece of the Memento Mori collection, using common themes such as skulls, flowers, and serpents, which endearingly represent eternal love.

We all have challenges and as we overcome them we arrive at the conclusion of our hopes and the beginning of our dreams. Such is the power of the Sacred Serpent as it circles back triumphantly from where it was into where it is going. Winding and coiled serpent motifs in jewelry have traditionally represented eternal love, wisdom and transformation.

This stunning serpent and filigree cross necklace features a filigree cross cast from an antique Spanish rosary and a coiled serpent has been added.

The serpent has a base of silver and is hand painted in black enamel and adorned with ruby eyes. The cross is composed of 18K gold plated silver and floats from a sterling silver mesh chain.

The chain measures 19 inches in length and the cross is 1.50"L x 2.19"W.