Capricorn Zodiac Sign Intaglio Necklace

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This limited Capricorn zodiac sign necklace is a marriage of vintage and new components. It features an artfully carved glass intaglio with a hand detailed Capricorn zodiac design. The intaglio was sourced from vintage deadstock and is fully set in a new 18K gold plated silver frame.

It is said that everything given is given to ourselves. Are you now giving what you want to receive? This is a clear message in the stars for Capricorn. Catch the reflection of your Lover's eye in this talisman with the reflection of a full moon. Then, Game over as you will move successfully from one realm into another.

Floats from twenty inch 18K gold plated silver chain. 

.40"W x 1"L (including the loop and bail)

weight - 1.70 grams