Celestial Star Opal Ring

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This carefully crafted celestial black opal star ring feature an alluring cabochon that measures approximately .40"W x .60"L and the sleek modern band measures approximately .05".

This ring truly comes to life when the sunlight casts a glow upon the sumptuous black opal orb. The astral rainbow hues range from impart a stunning iridescence that truly speak to the heart and soul! If you owned your own gold smelting furnace, you could not get closer to your heart of desires. Here, rich precious 18K gold is spread on silver like cake frosting, reminding you to know the challenge of knowing yourself.

This timeless piece is perfect for stacking with other gemstone adorned rings from our Sacred Shapes collection.

Handmade in Barcelona with love!

Composed of 18K gold plated silver and black opal.
The 18K gold plated silver band is hallmarked for purity.