Enamel Skull Earrings

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These ethereal enamel skull earrings are the perfect amulets for strength and protection. These mystical skull earrings are composed of a double fire process mix of ceramic and enamel with a base of sterling silver. The eyes are adorned with faceted black spinel gemstones. This skull eyes truly comes to life when the sunlight casts a glow upon the sumptuous black spinel gemstones.

Each earring weighs 5.65 grams.

Created as a tribute to honor the historical artform of mourning jewelry; the Latin words Memento Mori translate to "we all must die”. A frequently misinterpreted tradition that is often considered to be a dark reminder of our immortal nature, while it is in fact more intended to commemorate and celebrate a life. These sentimental keepsakes help us remember that in the balance of all things, there is always light (life), just as there is dark (death). The beauty of this balance is reflected in each piece of the Memento Mori collection, using common themes such as skulls, flowers, and serpents, which endearingly represent eternal love.