Memento Mori Guardian Angel Necklace

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This stunning Memento Mori Guardian Angel necklace is cast from an antique French medallion with the addition of smoother modern edges and a luxurious finish. The brushed matte finish reverse is blank and ready for engraving.

The perfect amulet for strength, love and protection.

The medal measures .75" in diameter (excluding the loop and bail) / 2.50 grams.

Composed of 18K gold plated silver

Floats from a 20” chain.

The Weeping Angel of the Amiens cathedral (also known as L’Ange Pleureur) is a sculpture by French sculptor and architect Nicolas Blasset(1600 – 1659). The angel’s right hand rests on an hourglass symbolizing the brevity of life. The left hand sits atop a skull (a symbol of death). The statue of the weeping angel adorns the funerary monument of canon Guilain Lucas who died in 1628.